Food Model and Serving Sizes Used on the Carbohydrate Test and Number of Patients Reporting Eating the Items Never or Sometimes/Often

Food ItemServing Size of Food ModelNever (n)Sometimes or Often (n)P*
Apple6 oz11500.265
Banana1 banana9520.578
Kidney beans1/2 cup31300.133
Baked beans2/3 cup12490.559
Kernel corn1/4 cup10510.753
Green peas1/4 cup21400.544
Baked potato1 potato3580.293
White rice1/2 cup18430.773
Spaghetti noodles1 cup10510.586
Cornflakes3/4 cup31300.133
Popcorn1/2 cup13480.699
Lasagna1 slice (3” x 4”)16450.384
Thin-crust cheese pizza1 slice13480.858
Spaghetti and meatballs1 cup16450.750
Chili with beef/beans1 cup18430.907
Skim milk1 cup24370.207
Chocolate milk1 cup48130.391
Orange juice3/4 cup22390.616
  • * By t test.