Participants’ Self-Reported Insulin-Related Attitudes and Behaviors

Total (n = 60)Pen (n = 44)Syringe (n = 16)P
Confident in determining correct dose (%)1.00*
 Not at all0.00.00.0
Confident in proper injection (%)1.00*
 Not at all0.00.00.0
Administers correct insulin dose (%)0.778
 Sometimes or never13.315.96.3
Administers insulin at correct times (%)0.096
 Sometimes or never21.725.012.5
Insulin adjustment required (%)0.144
 Sometimes or never48.354.531.3
Number of hypoglycemic episodes in the past year (%)0.370
Diabetes numeracy: total correct (%)0.863
Skin problems at injection site (%)0.060
 Lipohypertrophy and other problems38.345.518.7
Rotates injection sites (%)0.738
 Not always25.427.320.0
Checks expiration date (%)0.951
 Not always56.957.156.3
Uses expired insulin (%)0.885
Correct knowledge of insulin duration (%)0.018
Brought glucose meter (%)0.760
  • * Fisher’s exact test; other P values reflect Χ2 analyses.