Table 1.

Comparison of Diabetic Snack Bars*††

Bars to Prevent Hypoglycemia
Extend Bar** (Clinical Products, Ltd.)Nite Bite** Timed-Release Glucose Bar (ICN Pharmaceuticals, Inc.)Gluc-O-Bar** (APIC, USA, Inc.)
Claims on product packageClinically proven to reduce episodes of low blood glucose for up to 9 h without causing high blood glucoseHelps prevent nighttime hypoglycemia; only glucose bar proven to be beneficial before exerciseNutritional bar that provides sustained glucose release over a prolonged interval without sudden peaks
Description/use from product packageFor use before bedtime, exercise, or whenever low blood glucose is likely to occurIdeal before bed or exercise to help maintain blood glucose levelsDesigned for use day or night as part of the dietary management of abnormal blood glucose levels
Carbohydrate (g)301521
UCS (g)555
Fiber (g)000
Sugars (g)10 (fructose)10 (sucrose)1
Sugar alcohol (g)5011
Protein (g)2.537
Fat (g)
Exchanges†2 starch1 starch, 0.5 fat1.5 starch

Bars to Lessen Hyperglycemia
Ensure Glucerna (Ross Products Division)Choice DM** (Mead Johnson Nutritionals)Choice DM** Crispy Bars* (Mead Johnson Nutritionals)
Claims on product packageClinically shown to lower blood glucose response compared to an ordinary snack barClinically shown to cause less rise in blood glucose levels compared to snack bars testedDesigned to minimize postprandial peaks in blood glucose levels
Description/use from product packageComplete, balanced nutrition specifically designed for people with diabetes. For use as a snack or occasional meal replacementNutritionally complete bars designed to help maintain blood glucose control; ideal as a snack between meals, after exercise, before bedtime, or anytime“Pick-me-up” snacks for people with diabetes designed to help manage blood glucose levels
Carbohydrate (g)241921
Resistant starches (g)4.83.21
Fiber (g)431
Sugars (g)795
Sugar alcohol (g)567
Protein (g)664
Fat (g)44.52.5
Exchanges†1.5 starch, 0.5 fat1 starch, 1 fat1.5 starch
  • *Nutrient data may vary slightly based on flavor.

  • **Peanut butter flavor used for comparison between brands; other flavors available.

  • †Exchange values as provided on product label.

  • ††All bars contain between 60 and 110 mg Na and 50 and 105 mg K per serving.