Reduction in Direct Pharmacy Cost* by Using RHI With V-Go (n = 11)

Before V-Go (Baseline)On V-Go (at OV2, 6 months)
Prescribed insulin TDD (units/day)8261
Prescribed insulin therapy, PPPM ($)568*
Prescribed insulin TDD + V-Go, PPPM ($)309
Insulin therapy savings with V-Go, PPPM ($)259
Projected insulin therapy savings with V-Go, PPPY ($)3,108**
  • * Cost average based on WAC specific to patient baseline regimen. Pricing for insulin and other diabetes agents based on Elsevier Gold Standard. ProspectoRx. [Database Online] Available from Accessed 2 December 2015.

  • ** Cost savings were projected for 1 year based on 6-month savings.

  • Data are means, and all costs are normalized. PPPY, per patient per year.