Signs That a Patient May Be Struggling With Medication Adherence

Patient-related signs that can predict nonadherenceClinic visit• Missed last clinic appointment
•Lack of appropriate follow-up
Prescription• Did not refill last prescription
Clinical outcomes• Suboptimal clinical outcomes: A1C, fasting glucose, blood pressure, lipids, BMI
•Number of hypo- or hyperglycemic episodes
•Number of hospitalizations and readmissions for diabetes in the past 6 months
Medication-related signs that can predict nonadherenceMedication cost• Difficulty affording the medication
•Prescribed medication is not on prescription plan formulary or is not covered by health insurance
Polypharmacy (≥4 medications)• Patient is taking ≥4 medications
•Patient does not have clear understanding of the reason for taking the medication
Complex medication regimen• Patient is taking the medication >1 time per day (e.g., twice daily or three times daily)
•Patient does not take the same doses consistently
•Patient takes the medication at different times during the day
•How is the medication taken? Oral or injection?
Side effects• Patient experiences side effects from medication
•Patient has made trial-and-error attempts in the past