Codes for Secondary Diagnosis for Diseases Associated With Diabetes

CodeUsed to report:
S81.801Open wound, unspecified, right lower leg
L97.X–L98.XSite of ulceration
L97.411Non-pressure chronic ulcer of right heel and mid-foot limited to breakdown of skin
L97.5Non-pressure chronic ulcer of other part of the foot
L97.533Non-pressure chronic ulcer of other part of left foot with necrosis of muscle
N18.1Chronic kidney disease (CKD) stage I
N18.2CKD stage II
N18.3CKD stage III
N18.4CKD stage IV
N18.5CKD stage V
N18.6End-stage renal disease
Z99.2Dependence on renal dialysis
E10.42Presence of arteriovenous shunt for dialysis
E10.649Type 1 diabetes with hypoglycemia without coma
E11.649Type 2 diabetes with hypoglycemia without coma
E08.64Diabetes due to underlying condition with hypoglycemia
E09.64Drug- or chemical-induced diabetes with hypoglycemia
E16.0Drug-induced hypoglycemia without coma
E16.1Other hypoglycemia
E16.2Hypoglycemia, unspecified
EXX.641Fill in with code for type of diabetes with hypoglycemia and coma