Diabetes GMV Format

1.Team members conduct pre-visit chart reviews and complete huddle sheets.
2.Patients check in for the GMV and complete the consent form (initial visit only).
3.Patients gather in the group education room, and an MA obtains vital signs for each. Patients waiting for navigation watch educational videos.
4.Patients are called individually into the navigation room and are assigned to a navigator (clinical pharmacist, pharmacy student, LPN, or endocrinology fellow).
5.The navigator conducts a patient interview, performs medication reconciliation, and completes a questionnaire in the patient’s EMR. A medical review is conducted by the endocrinologist (30 minutes).
6.The endocrinologist facilitates a group discussion about disease-related topics (15 minutes). Discussions are repeated for each hour for each GMV group scheduled for the afternoon.
7.Navigators review medical plans with individual patients (5 minutes).
8.Patients complete a post-visit survey, check out with support staff, receive an after-visit summary, and schedule their next GMV.
9.Navigators complete documentation, order medications and laboratory tests, and make referrals to specialty providers as needed. They prepare the room for the next hour-long GMV (10 minutes).