Ranking of Factors That Would Most Drive Diabetes Improvement by Respondents’ Diabetes Type and Therapy

Rank*Diabetes/Therapy Type
1Medical devices (35%)Diet and exercise (35%)Diet and exercise (50%)
2Diet and exercise (26%)Medications (22%)Medications (18%)
3Medications (14%)
Emotional state (12%)
Emotional state (15%)Emotional state (12%)
HCP care (9%)
4HCP care (5%)HCP care (10%)
Medical devices (10%)
Medical devices (4%)
  • ↵* This table depicts the percentage of survey respondents within each group who ranked a particular factor (e.g., diet and exercise) as what would have the biggest positive impact on diabetes. To better understand the relative importance of these factors, they have been grouped and ranked according to measurable breaks of 4%. For both groups of T2 respondents (T2I, T2NI), diet and exercise was the factor most believed to be the biggest driver of diabetes improvement, followed by medications. For T1 respondents, these highest-ranking factors were medical devices, followed by diet and exercise. HCP, health care provider.