Initial Chart Audit Data With Insulin Errors and Timing Outcomes for 2014

Dates of audit7/1/14 to 7/10/146/21/14 to 6/30/146/21/14 to 6/30/146/1/14 to 6/10/146/1/14 to 6/10/145/11/14 to 5/20/145/1/14 to 5/15/145/1/14 to 5/10/144/21/14 to 4/30/144/11/14 to 4/20/144/1/14 to 4/10/14Jan. 14Jan. 14
Days in audit period (n)10101010101015101010103131
Total opportunities (n)1922372791911392391763492802723162603023,232
Total doses administered (n)103125139130841551111861771491821611931,895
Total doses not administered (n)8911214061558465163103123134991091,337
Chart audit: no coverage needed based on blood glucose (n)821111295945705715498117129961091,256
Patient refused (n)306058772152046
Patient ate (n)00000001010002
Held; patient did not eat (n)10003000200107
Patient unavailable (n)10211000130009
Not appropriate (n)213116100000015
Did not arrive (n)00000001010002
Coverage errors (wrong units given) (n)337228613104418484
Insulin coverage error rate (%)
Time between blood glucose check and coverage insulin dose administration (n)
<30 min521058210134695673739690881141,033
30ā€“60 min2512218295034414035553849437
>60 min2583615213620706014373030402
Dose given with no blood glucose documented100600124405023
Percentage administered within:
<30 min50.584.059.077.740.544.550.539.241.264.449.554.759.154.5
30ā€“60 min24.39.615.16.234.532.330.622.022.623.530.223.625.423.1
>60 min24.36.425.911.525.
When no blood glucose documented1.
  • The initial audit encompassed all hospital nursing units, including nine medical surgical units (columns A, C, and Eā€“K), two intensive care units (columns B and D), one physical rehabilitation unit (column L), and one transitional care unit (column M). The audit included all correction insulin administration opportunities on each unit over 10 days except for in unit L and M, which required a longer audit period of 31 days due to a low inpatient census.