Insulin Protocol in the Pre- and Post-Implementation Periods

Insulin ProtocolPre-Implementation, % (n)Post-Implementation, % (n)
Basal-bolus insulin therapy18.9 (6,999/37,031)36.7 (8,838/24,082)
Exclusive sliding-scale insulin38.7 (14,331/37,031)32.0 (7,706/24,082)
Other subcutaneous insulin42.4 (15,701/37,031)31.3 (7,538/24,082)
  • Insulin protocol, reported as the proportion of active orders at each point of care glucose result testing event. Given that patients may be prescribed several different insulin protocols throughout their stay, the active insulin orders were categorized as basal bolus insulin therapy, exclusive sliding-scale insulin, or other subcutaneous insulin at the time of each insulin administration. Other subcutaneous insulin includes all subcutaneous insulin orders not captured in the basal bolus insulin therapy and exclusive sliding-scale insulin groups.