Additional Respondents’ Representative Quotations

Diabetes stigma: people with type 2 diabetes bring it on themselves“There is an association (whether warranted or not) with personal responsibility (or lack-thereof).” [ID 420]
“For individuals with type 2 diabetes, who, for variety of reasons fail to manage or prevent their condition: yes, I see them as weak willed and lazy. I know that there are socioeconomic and educational barriers that propagate this condition in these people, but even so, I can’t ‘drink the Koolaid’ and look at these patients solely as victims of circumstances entirely out of their control.” [ID 866]
“I find I have a stigma against some people with type 2 diabetes because they could have prevented the disease on their own with lifestyle changes. It’s harder for me to feel as empathetic towards them, but I have to remember their life circumstances such as education, access to food, how they were raised, etc.” [ID 827]
“I understand a bit more about the disease and realize there are a lot of factors that go into it, and sometimes socioeconomic status is truly what is causing the non-ideal blood sugar levels.” [ID 177]
Diabetes attitude changes: increased empathy and understanding“I think I have a greater appreciation for those who have diabetes and the daily struggles they endure as their disease affects almost every aspect of their lives.” [ID 472]
“It made me see the panel as people and not just diabetes patients.” [ID 818]
“I think that I will take it much more seriously. I was under the impression that ‘Hypertension and Diabetes’ are run-of-the-mill primary care doctor issues; but after a year and a half of school and seeing how these diseases can affect other organ systems, I understand the necessity of good blood glucose control. Moreover, hearing what the speakers fear most in regard to their diabetes gave the disease a human face to tie to it and take its treatment more seriously.” [ID 509]
“I am going to try to be more compassionate and try to think of the patient’s experience and bias before I form my own opinions. As a doctor, I am there as an educator and a healer, not a judge and a jury.” [ID 484]
“I have a lot more respect for people with the disease. I honestly did not realize how taxing diabetes can be and the drastic changes it can have on your body.” [ID 308]