4ʹ 10ʺ119–142143–190191+
4ʹ 11ʺ124–147148–197198+
5ʹ 0ʺ128–152153–203204+
5ʹ 1ʺ132–157158–210211+
5ʹ 2ʺ136–163164–217218+
5ʹ 3ʺ141–168169–224225+
5ʹ 4ʺ145–173174–231232+
5ʹ 5ʺ150–179180–239240+
5ʹ 6ʺ155–185186–246247+
5ʹ 7ʺ159–190191–254255+
5ʹ 8ʺ164–196197–261262+
5ʹ 9ʺ169–202203–269270+
5ʹ 10ʺ174–208209–277278+
5ʹ 11ʺ179–214215–285286+
6ʹ 0ʺ184–220221–293294+
6ʹ 1ʺ189–226227–301302+
6ʹ 2ʺ194–232233–310311+
6ʹ 3ʺ200–239240–318319+
6ʹ 4ʺ205–245246–327328+
You weigh less than the amount in the left column: 0 points
  • Adapted from Bang et al., Ann Intern Med 2009;151:775–;783.Original algorithm was validated without gestational diabetes as part of the model.