Patient’s Laboratory Investigations

ParametersPatient’s ValuesReference Range
Thyroid-stimulating hormone, µIU/mL1.420.7–5.97
Free thyroxine, ng/dL1.130.7–1.48
IGF-1, ng/mL18174–388
GAD65, IU/mL2.27Cutoff: 5.0
IA2, IU/mL6.18Cutoff: 8.0
Lactate, mmol/L4.50.5–2.2
Cortisol (8:00 a.m.), µg/dL14.53.7–19.4
Luteinizing hormone, µIU/mL2.921.14–8.75
Follicle-stimulating hormone, µIU/mL0.810.95–11.95
Testosterone, ng/mL4.911.56–8.77
Adrenocortotropic hormone, pg/mL987.2–63.3
Creatine phosphokinase, U/L1530–171
A1C, %8.4Normal <6.5%
Stool fatNegative
Computed tomography scan of brainNormal
Multidetector computed tomography of the abdomenNo abnormality detected
Two-dimensional echocardiogramMyxomatous mitral valve, prolapsed anterior mitral leaflet with trivial mitrial regurgitation
Endoscopy with duodenum biopsyNormal