Hypoglycemia in Studies of Second-Generation Basal Insulin Analogs in Older Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

ReferenceType of StudyAge-Group, yearsnGlycemic TargetHypoglycemia, %*
Sorli et al. (40)Pooled analysis of phase 3 clinical trials≥65IDeg: 589FPG ˂90 mg/dL58.721.22.9
Gla-100: 265FPG ˂90 mg/dL58.725.44.2
Munshi et al. (45)Pooled analysis of two phase 3 clinical trials˂55Gla-300: 273A1C ˂7.0 or ˂7.5%55.5§NRNR
Gla-100: 280A1C ˂7 or ˂7.5%62.7§NRNR
≥55 to ˂60Gla-300: 162A1C ˂7 or ˂7.5%57.5§NRNR
Gla-100: 181A1C ˂7 or ˂7.5%70.5§NRNR
≥60 to ˂65Gla-300: 201A1C ˂7 or ˂7.5%60.4§NRNR
Gla-100: 163A1C ˂7 or ˂7.5%69.7§NRNR
≥65Gla-300: 199A1C ˂7 or ˂7.5%63.6§NRNR
Gla-100: 211A1C ˂7 or ˂7.5%70.5§NRNR
Yale et al. (46)Pooled analysis of three phase 3 clinical trials≥65Gla-300: 325A1C ˂7%71.6§31.8§NR
Gla-100: 329A1C ˂7%77.4§44.9§NR
Ritzel et al. (47)International, randomized, open-label, phase 3 clinical trialAll (≥65)Gla-300: 508A1C ˂7.5%32.9§12.0§6.3||
Gla-100: 506A1C ˂7.5%34.7§12.9§8.7||
≥75Gla-300: 135A1C ˂7.5%24.4§10.4§1.5||
Gla-100: 106A1C ˂7.5%34.0§12.3§10.4||
  • NR, not reported.

  • * No significant difference reported between age-groups within treatment groups unless otherwise stated.

  • Severe episodes or blood glucose ˂56 mg/dL.

  • Events requiring assistance of another person.

  • § Blood glucose ≤70 mg/dL.

  • || Blood glucose ≤54 mg/dL.