Topic Guide

  • • Tell me a little bit about yourself?

Life with diabetes
  • • When were you diagnosed with diabetes?

  • • What is life with diabetes like for you?

  • • How much attention do you pay to your health in general?

  • • Who is responsible for buying food and planning meals in the house?

  • • Do family members help or hinder your diabetes management in any way?

  • • What, if anything, do you think caused you to get diabetes?

Experience of being invited
  • • It might have been a while ago, but can you remember receiving an invitation to diabetes group education?

  • • What education and advice had you received prior to the invitation?

  • • Do you feel your understanding of your diabetes has increased since diagnosis?

  • • How do you like to learn? (e.g., group education, one to one, or online)

Reasons for not attending
  • • Would you mind telling me why you didn’t go to the education program?

  • • How do you feel about not being able to go/not going?

  • • What would have encouraged you to go at the time you turned it down?

  • • What would have to happen in the future for you to want to/be able to attend an education program?

  • • What would you think if I said that many of the things you shared about your life with diabetes are part of the education programs?

  • • If you had known that diabetes education could answer your questions, how would that have affected your decision about attending?

  • • How could education be provided in a way that makes it easy for people to attend?

  • • What advice would you give to health care professionals to get more people to attend diabetes education?

  • • Is there anything else that you would like to share about not attending group education?

  • • Is there anything you feel is really important for us to know?