Summary of the 3-Year OTI Campaign

YearEducation & AwarenessResearchCollaborative Barrier Busting
2020: Foundation
  • •Develop primary care–focused curriculum, “practice pearls” videos, and various clinical tools.

  • •Finalize plan and messaging for awareness campaign.

  • •Pilot-test professional education program.

  • •Seek funding for expanded continuing education opportunities.

  • •Supervise systematic review, metaanalysis, and landscape scan.

  • •Oversee commissioned market research.

  • •Develop inclusion criteria and protocol for reviewing interventions and programs to include in online database.

  • •Begin designing protocol for possible pragmatic trial and identifying possible sources of funding.

  • •Engage external organizations in partnerships.

  • •Develop strategies for deeper engagement with all stakeholders.

  • •Support efforts to promote payer policy changes to remove access barriers to diabetes technologies, devices, and medications.

2021: Expansion
  • •Carry out and expand professional education programming as funding and opportunities allow.

  • •Conduct multichannel awareness campaign.

  • •Seek speaking opportunities, including possible presentations in conjunction with the ADA Scientific Sessions.

  • •Launch, curate, and maintain a searchable database of successful approaches for overcoming therapeutic inertia.

  • •Develop and launch pragmatic trial if funding is secured.

  • •Expand collaborative relationships with partner organizations.

  • •Design and carry out potential pilot program to address system-level EHR barriers.

  • •Design and carry out potential pilot to address payer-level barriers.

2022: Depth
  • •Continue expanding and building on 2021 activities.

  • •Broadly share findings, insights, and recommendations.

  • •Explore opportunities to expand reach to clinicians in training.