Key Features of Currently Available GLP-1 Receptor Agonists (713)

Generic NameDerivationMolecular Weight, kDaHalf-LifeRoute of AdministrationDoseFrequencyDosing Conditions
LixisenatideAnimal4.86∼3 hoursSubcutaneousAdults: 10 µg for 14 days,  then 20 µg from day 15Once dailyAt the same time each day,  ≤1 hour before the first meal of the day
ExenatideAnimal4.192.4 hoursSubcutaneousAdults: 5 µg per dose;  increase to 10 µg after 1 month based on clinical responseTwice daily≤1 hour before morning  and evening meals (or the two main meals of the day, ≥6 hours apart)
Exenatide extended releaseAnimal4.197–14 daysSubcutaneousAdults: 2 mgOnce weeklyCan be taken at any time of  day with or without food
LiraglutideHuman3.75∼13 hoursSubcutaneousAdults: 0.6 mg for 1 week,  then 1.2 mg; if required, increase dose to 1.8 mg after a further weekOnce dailyCan be taken at any time of  day
Children ≥10 years:  0.6 mg for ≥1 week; only increase the dose to 1.2 mg or 1.8 mg if required
DulaglutideHuman∼63∼5 daysSubcutaneousAdults: 0.75 mg, increased  to 1.5 mg, if neededOnce weeklyCan be taken at any time of  day with or without food
SemaglutideHuman4.11∼7 daysSubcutaneousAdults: 0.25 mg, increasing  to 0.5 mg after 4 weeks. If required, increase to 1 mg after a further 4 weeksOnce weeklyCan be taken at any time of  day with or without food
Oral semaglutideHuman4.11∼7 days*OralAdults: 3 mg for 30 days,  then 7 mg, escalated to 14 mg after a further 30 days, if requiredOnce dailyMust be taken on an empty  stomach with no more than 4 fl oz (120 mL) of plain water and at least 30 minutes before the first food, beverage, or other oral medication of the day
  • * After subcutaneous administration.