Responses to AID Provider Survey (N = 60)

1Experience with system98.3393.3360.001.67
2Favorite system6.9083.9316.00
Least favorite system58.620.0032.0
3Explain why favorite***
Explain why least favorite***
4Preferred AID for patients with hypoglycemia unawareness or who live alone18.3390.0018.335.00*
5Preferred AID for intensive and individual control8.3355.0051.676.6711.70*
6Patients for whom you would not recommend AID*
7, 8Complaints about AID systems
 System requirements95.003.77
 Technical issues83.3335.85
 Adhesion issues46.6733.96
 Alert fatigue85.0026.42
 Exercise-related hypoglycemia43.3324.53
 Prevention of intensive control56.6716.98
9AID systems most often discontinued or switched away from91.671.673.333.33*
10Comfort level and complaints with DIY*