Selected mHealth Apps to Manage Diabetes

CategorymHealth AppPlatformUses/Features
Closed-loop control systemsControl-IQAndroid and iOSConnects to Tandem t:slim ×2
Guardian ConnectAndroid and iOSConnects to Medtronic MiniMed 670G
Glucose monitoringDexcomAndroid and iOSLog blood glucose from external glucose meter or CGM system; display data graphically
Diabetes CompanioniOS
FreeStyle LibreLinkAndroid and iOS
Glooko MobileAndroid and iOS
mySugrAndroid and iOS
Tidepool LoopiOS
Glucose trackingDario DiabetesAndroid and iOSTrack blood glucose and insulin doses; share data with HCP
Sugar SenseAndroid and iOS
Insulin deliveryCompanion Medical InPenAndroid and iOSCollect and display data for insulin dosing and bolus calculations; data available for clinician download
MiniMed ConnectAndroid and iOS
Tandem t:simulator*Android and iOS
Insulin titrationBlueStar DiabetesAndroid and iOSIntegrate bolus calculations with use of glucose meter; calculate basal, prandial, and correction insulin doses
Glooko MobileAndroid and iOS
My Dose CoachAndroid and iOS
InsuliaAndroid and iOS
NutritionBiteSnapAndroid and iOSLook up calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fats to assist with meal planning and tracking
Calorie KingAndroid and iOS
Calorie MamaAndroid and iOS
Carbs + CalsAndroid and iOS
FooducateAndroid and iOS
Go MealsAndroid and iOS
Healthy OutAndroid and iOS
Physical activityAaptivAndroid and iOSTrack activity, motivate, and set goals
Baby2BabyAndroid and iOS
Prenatal WorkoutAndroid and iOS
StrongHerAndroid and iOS
  • * App for smartphone is only a simulation of actual pump user interface and is not connected to a medical device.