Comparison of Inpatient Electronic Glucose Management Systems

ProductRecommends IV Insulin Doses?Supports IV-to-SQ Transitions?Recommends SQ Insulin Doses?Available Software Additions for Data ManagementAdditional Notes
GlucommanderYesYesYesGlucoMetrics, GlucoSurveillance, GlucoView, GlyCloud, SmartClickAlso approved for outpatient SQ insulin management
EndoToolYesYesYesEndoTool AnalyticsSupports parenteral carbohydrate calculation
GlucoStabilizerYesYesDevelopingGlucoStabilizer Reports: inbound admit, transfer, discharge; outbound patient information integration in EMR; carbohydrate coverage for patients who are eating
Core Diabetes AppYesYesYesCore Work Manager App, Core Notify App, Core Messaging AppDoes not adjust the insulin dose automatically