Trials of mHealth apps for GDM Management and Selected Outcomes

AppStudy DesignParticipants, nGroupsPrimary Outcomes
Dnurse (37)Nonblinded RCT124 total: 60 control, 64 interventionUsual care (control); Dnurse app and usual care (intervention)*Compliance with blood glucose reporting
GDm-health (38)Nonblinded RCT203 total: 85 control, 98 interventionUsual care (control); GDm-health app (intervention)Change in mean blood glucose (study recruitment through delivery)
Glucose Buddy (39)Nonblinded RCT120 total: 60 control, 60 interventionUsual care (control); Glucose Buddy app and usual care (intervention)Compliance with blood glucose reporting
MobiGuide (40)Pilot study20 intervention†Historical cohort with usual care (comparison); technology-enabled care (intervention)Feasibility and acceptability of mobile decision-support system
Pregnant+ (41)Nonblinded RCT238 total: 123 control, 115 interventionUsual care (control); Pregnant+ app and usual care (intervention)2-hour blood glucose level on postpartum oral glucose tolerance test
  • * No primary outcomes indicated for study; however, patient compliance emphasized as key finding. †No control group included in study. Historical cohort used as comparison with intervention group. Size of cohort not reported. RCT, randomized controlled trial.