Interventions to Improve CGM Uptake in the T1DX-QI

SiteSupport Patients Starting CGMCoach and Educate Patients on Effective CGM UseTrain and Educate Clinical Teams on CGMPartner With Vendors and Payers to Support Device Access
Tip Sheets for New CGM Users (n = 1)“30-60-90 Rule” Education Tool (n = 4)Insurance Navigator to Support Families (n = 1)Promotion of CGM Use in New-Onset Patients (n = 7)Barriers Assessment Survey (n = 5)Educational Programs and Tools to Promote CGM Use (n = 5)Trial CGM (n = 1)Staff Training (n = 2)Tools to Help Providers Track Whether CGM Was Offered (n = 3)Incorporation of CGM Data into the EHR (n = 2)Tools to Facilitate Prescribing by Clinic Staff (n = 3)Advocacy Efforts to Promote CGM Coverage by State Medicaid Program (n = 10)
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  • A, adult; P, pediatric.